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Formed in Hiroshima in 2017. Activities started in 2018. A multi-genre instrumental band consisting of three members who have been active in various fields such as pop, jazz, brass band, and classical music.

A wide range of songs from pops, standards, jazz, classical music, folk music, and originals are played in their own arrangements, centering on the main instrument called flute, guitar, and percussion, and using various sub-instruments and tools.

The band name "Alternative" has the idea of trying new music "different" while making use of the experience of each member's specialty genre, and "Chameleon" has a broad perspective and environment. It has the meaning of wanting to be a "unique existence that can be transformed freely" by changing the color according to the situation.

They will perform in a wide range of scenes, such as the stage of The Outlet Hiroshima and appearances at various events, centering on live performances hosted several times a year with different themes set each time.

Through music, he is energetically working to stimulate people's intellectual curiosity and realize a colorful world.

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Kazutaka Ota (Flute, Wind Synthesizer)

Kouki Satake (Guitar)

Kyoko Kawamoto (Percussion)

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